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 How to Burn DVD from iMovie 11?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Burn to DVD

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  • Questions from Mac users:
    1. "I made an iMovie and I've been trying to burn it to a DVD however my macbook pro doesn't have iDVD, so I don't know how to do it. I tried inserting a blank disc and dragging my movie onto it and that worked, but it only plays on iTunes on a Dell, and I need it to play in Window's Media Player. So is there any other way for me to burn it?" - Adribaby

    2. "I have to burn dvd's from iMovie from a video I made for a banquet tomorrow! I have a brand new mac, and iDVD isn't there anymore, and the video is too big to email to my other mac. How can I burn a dvd of this video?" - Labony

    Just about the above the questions, once you complete your iMovie project, and want to burn it to DVD. How to do next? iMovie can't burn movie, even on Mac OS X, no iDVD or other DVD burning software. In fact it is really convenient to burn the saved iMovie project to DVD with a third-party DVD creator. e.g. DVD Creator or DVD Creator for Mac, the following is the easy way to export iMovie to videos and after that burn iMovie to DVD by making use of a Mac DVD burning software, follow the steps and burn DVD from iMovie 11 now.


    Step1. Export iMovie 11/09/HD project to video
    To burning iMovie to DVD, you will need first export iMovie project to videos. When an iMovie project is finished, select it and click on "Share" on top of the window in the Menu bar. And on the following list, choose "Export Movie".
    Burn iMovie 11 Video to DVD

    A small window will show up and allow you to choose where to store the videos, and what format just to save iMovie project to. Here you're recommended to choose Large or High definition 720p to save iMovie project to high-quality video for burning to DVD. The default output folder is Movies.

    Step2. Burn iMovie project to DVD
    When the iMovie project has exported out, download and install Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac, which allows you to burn iMovie to DVD video high quality and fast burning speed. Besides, a lot of free DVD movie menu templates are supplied for professional DVD authoring.
    Burn iMovie 11 to DVD - main screenshot

    Besides iMovie project, this Mac DVD Creator can burn almost all regular pics and vids to DVD. Regular video formats like MOV, MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, MTS, HD videos, etc., your family, holiday or trip video clips from your video camera, videos and movies downloaded from YouTube, Google, Yahoo or torrent sites, like Vuze, etc. are all supported.

    This iMovie to DVD creator also enables you to edit imported iMovie videos so that you won't need to make changes in iMovie and export again, which helps you save a lot of time. To do so, just click the 'Edit' button on each videos thumbnail on right.
    Burn DVD From iMovie 11 - DVD Creator
    Add a fabulous DVD menu to your iMovie DVD disc.


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