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How to recover deleted Notes on iPod Touch?

Dec 15, 2016 5:30 PM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPad Data Recovery

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  • Is there any possibility to recover deleted notes on iPod Touch?
    1. Can i recover missing notes from ipod touch? I just learned that my notes in ipod touch were gone. i did not delete it - tina_aldaya

    2. Is there a way to recover notes i accidentaly deleted off of the notes app on the ipod touch? - muhamma4

    3. How to get notes back if accidentally deleted on ipod touch? Is there any possibility of retrieving deleted ipod touch (2g) notes after updating my OS? i already synced my ipod (with updated OS) with itunes.. OS of my ipod touch (2g) has been recently updated but unable to keep backup of my notes. ipod touch was then synced with itunes after the update. now my notes were completely gone and i cannot find any backups of my notes (either on my ipod touch or computer). is there any other way to retrieve or recover my notes? - Juliet

    If you deleted notes on your iPod Touch, don't worry, there are three ways to recover deleted notes from iPod Touch: Recover deleted notes from iTunes/iCloud Backup or Directly recover notes from iPod Touch.

    We need a third party tool to help us: iOS Data Recovery or iOS Data Recovery for Mac, here, remommend the Dr.Fone for iOS, you can download it below:


    Step by step to recover deleted notes from iPod Touch
    Here, take Dr.Fone for iOS Windows as an example, the Mac version are the similar.

    Lauching Dr.Fone, you will get the user interface below.
    iPod touch note recovery - main screenshot

    Select the "Recover iOS Data", Connect your iPod to PC.
    Recover deleted notes on iPod touch - Connect ipod

    Step 1. Choose a recovery mode
    There are three recovery mode. choose "Recover from iTuens Backup File" from the side menu and you will see the window below.
    recover notes from iPod Touch - select scan files

    Step 2. Scan your iPod Touch
    Select the "Deleted Data from the Device" & "Notes & Attachments", click on the "Start Scan" button.
    retrieve deleted notes on ipod - scan iPod touch

    Step 3: Preview & recover deleted notes on iPod Touch
    After the scan, you can preview all data that the program's found for you, including photos, videos, contacts, messages, call history, notes, voice memos, etc. Check those you want and mark them. Click the Recover button at the bottom, you can save them all on your computer with one click.
    recover deleted Notes from iTunes Backup for iPod Touch - Preview

    The other two recovery mode - "Recover from iTunes Backup file" & "Recover from iCloud Backup file", you can try it by yourself, download it now:


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