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How to Recover Data from Broken iPhone?

Aug 23, 2017 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPhone Data Recovery

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  • Is it possible to recover data from broken iPhone?
    1. How do I recover SMS from broken iPhone 6S Plus?
    My iPhone 6S plus recently broke (white screen of death) and I was wondering if there was a software i could use to retrieve the messages. I never made a backup of it, so i cant use iTunes - Will

    2. How can i recover my data fom broken iphone 8? My iphone is broken but when i turn it on, the light comes on. how can i recover my data from it? - Southwind

    3. Can you recover photos from a broken iphone 7? My iphone is damaged and doesnt work but i have sentamental photos on there, can they be recovered in anyway? im due a phone upgrade at any time now - Dean

    4. I`ve just broken my iphone 6s - when i get a new one, will all my contacts, sms, photos etc already be saved on to sim card and will the old sim in the new phone still sync up with my i tunes? thanks

    In fact, there is a way to recover data from broken iPhone, never mind how badly your device is broken, as long as you can enter the device's scanning mode, you can get the data out of your broken iPhone, at least You can also recover previous data via iTunes/iCloud backup file.

    To finish this job, need an iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac, here, remommend the FoneLab, which enable you directly scan your iPhone and recover contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call history, note etc from broken iPhone, or extract data from iTunes/iCloud Backup files.

    Download the free trial version below to take a try.


    Lauching FoneLab and connecting your iPhone to the computer, you will get the user interface below.
    Recover Broken iPhone - main screenshot

    Part 1: Recover Data on Broken iPhone from iTunes Backup
    Step 1: Select the iTunes Backup file to Start Scan. FoneLab will automaticlly detect the backup files and shows in the windows. Select the one and click "Start Scan".
    Recover data from broken iPhone - scan itunes backup

    Step 2: Export data from iTunes Backup
    When the scan finished, choose the Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Contacts, Messages, Call History ect to recover to computer.
    retrieve broken iphone data - iTunes bakcup

    Part 2. Recover Broken iPhone Data from iCloud Backup

    Step 1. Sign in iCloud with your account.
    Recover data from broken iPhone - download backup

    Step 2. Select an iCloud backup to download.
    Choose the iCloud Backup, click "Download", here, you can select the file type. When you download the iCloud Backup, you can scan the data in it.
    Download iCloud Backup for broken iPhone data

    Step 3. Recover broken iphone from iCloud Backup
    When the Scan finished, choose the Contacts, Messages, Photo Tabs to Recover them to PC.
    Recover broken iPhone data - icloud

    Note: If the broken iPhone can be used, you try the first one recovery mode - "Recover from iOS Device" by yourself.

    Now you can download it and have a try below:


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