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How to get iPhone out of Recovery Mode?

Aug 25, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPhone Data Recovery

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  • Ask for help to get iPhone out of Recovery Mode
    1. I need to exit recovery mode and dfu mode off Iphone 6s please could you help me exit the recovery mode without restoring the phone as I have not backed up any data. - Betz

    2. My iphone 4 was in recovery mode. i download tiny umbrella and exited recovery mode and now it keeps popping up to the apple logo then shutting off - Tiannalee

    3. Iphone in recovery mode but i need to back it up before clicking recovery mode help? Hi my iphone 7 has tried to update the new software this morning but has now put itself in recovery mode, but the is messages i need backed up off it of a court case.. help - Jana

    4. My daughter tried to updrade her iphone 6S to 10.3 before syncing with itunes and phone went into Recovery Mode. How do we get out of recovery mode without going into restore and losing all of her data, mainly her pics that were never downloaded to itunes? We tried RecBoot but it is not working, just going into a recovery mode loop. - Mikedaa

    5. How can I exit recovery mode on my iPhone 7 Plus without restoring it? My iPhone unexpectedly entered this mode where there is an arrow between an iTunes logo and a USB plug on the screen. I have tried restarting it multiple times.. - Dipesh

    As the above questions, many people encounter the trouble and don't know how to get iPhone out of recovery mode, here we provide three ways to get iPhone out of recovery mode:
    Part 1. Usual Steps to Exit iPhone Recovery Mode
    Part 2. Get iPhone out of Recovery Mode Using iTunes
    Part 3. Get iPhone out of Recovery Mode without Data Loss with FoneLab

    Part 1. Usual Steps to Exit iPhone Recovery Mode
    Sometimes you may find that your iPhone will be stuck in recovery mode. Now, if you are wondering as to what are the possible steps which can help you get out of the mess and resume the normal working of the phone, here are the steps to exit the recovery mode under normal circumstances.
    1. Press the Power (wake/sleep) and the Home button on the device at the same time.
    2. Keep pressing both the buttons for at least 10-15 seconds.
    3. Let go of them as Apple’s logo would appear on the screen.

    This solution will only work for iPhone 6s and older generation devices. If you own a newer generation device, then you need to change the key combination. To learn how to fix iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode, follow these steps:
    1. Instead of the Home button, press and hold the Volume Down button on the device.
    2. At the same time, press and hold the Power (wake/sleep) button.
    3. Keep pressing both the buttons for another 10 seconds till the Apple logo would appear.

    Part 2. Get iPhone out of Recovery Mode Using iTunes
    If the first method doesn't work, try the following steps to get iPhone out of Recovery mode with the help of iTunes.
    - Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.
    - Open iTunes on your computer and you may receive a prompt which will display, “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.”
    - Click the "Restore" button to restore your iPhone to factory settings.

    If your device is still stuck in recovery mode, you can try to use a third party tool to fix this kind of iOS issues.

    Part 3. Get iPhone out of Recovery Mode without Data Loss with FoneLab
    if they restore the iPhone, they will lost all the data on iPhone. To fix this issue, there is a easy & fast way to help you. With the help of iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac, here, remommend the FoneLab, with it you will get out of this trouble in minutes. Free download the FoneLab below:


    Get iPhone out of recovery mode in several clicks
    1. To start with, Download Fonelab on your Windows or Mac. Later, you could lauch it as well as click on the option of "More tools", then select the "iOS System Recovery".
    dr.fone - main screenshot

    2. Link your iPhone to the system that is stuck in recovery mode and wait on it to be discovered. Click the "Start" switch to launch the process.
    get iPhone out of Recovery Mode - Start

    3. Now, you have to put your iPhone in the DFU setting to fix it. If you do not know ways to do it, after that follow the on-screen instructions.
    how to get iPhone out of Recovery Mode - DFU

    If you fail to lead the iPhone into recovery mode, you can click the blue link at the bottom to let the iPhone enter DFU mode.

    4. The interface will instantly discover as soon as your phone will get in the DFU setting. On the following window, you should supply standard information related to the device and download its firmware upgrade.
    fix iPhone - Download firmware

    5. You might need to wait for a while after clicking the "Download" button as it takes a few mins to download and install the upgrade.

    6. As quickly as the update is downloaded, you will certainly obtain the complying with home window. Just click the "Repair" button to deal with iPhone or iPad stuck in recovery mode. The repair process will take a few minutes. After the process is complete, the device will boot automatically. Congratulations! You're ready to use your iPhone as usually.


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