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How to erase all data on android before selling?

Aug 30, 2014 04:30 PM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPhone Data Eraser

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  • 1. How to wipe all data on Android phone before selling?
    I bought a new iPhone, and I want to resell my Samsung Note 2 on eBay, but all of my data is store in my old Samsung phone, how can I permanently delete all data like contacts, messages, photos, and more from my Samsung phone before selling, and all of them can not being recovered? Help!!!!! - pciddc

    2. How to permanently erase all data from android phone before selling?
    Last month, I won a Samsung phone in a raffle,So I'm going to resell the old android phone, but the old phone kept a large amount of data, to the as photos, contacts, messages, call history, videos and so on. I want to wipe all data from my android phone before resell, how can I do? - maryare

    As we all know, simple delete data on your android is not enough, in software marketing somebody can use Data Recovery software to get the data back. If you want to permanently erase all data on Android before selling, need a professional tool help - Android Data Eraser, here recommend the Mobile Tranfer or Mobile Tranfer for Mac, which allows you to backup your Android to PC, and erase all data or the deleted data on Android phone, tablet, or other devices with a click. No matter you are the user of Samsung, HTC, LG, Motolora, Sony, HuaWei, etc., you can easily delete all data like photos, videos, contacts, text messages, and other personal information from your Android.

    You can free download a trial version here and have a try.
    (Notes: The Mac version is only allows to transfer data between Android and iOS devices at present.)


    Permanently erase all data on Android device

    Step 1. Download & install the Android Data Eraser
    Download and intall the Android Data Eraser, then run it, you will get the main screenshot as follow. Android Data Eraser - screenshot

    Step 2. Do backup your Android data (if you need)
    Before you get started, please backup your Android phone data first. All data on your Android phone will be totally wiped and can't be recovered. So you would betther to back up the data. Connect your Android phone, then Select the "Back up your Phone" Mode to copy Android data to your computer.
    wipe all data from android before selling, Android Data Eraser - backup android

    Step 3. Enter into the "Erase your Old Phone" Mode
    Then "Back to homepage", select the "Erase your Old Phone" Mode to permanently erase your Android Phone, click "Erase Now" button to start.
    erase all data on android before selling - Erase

    Step 4. Permanently erase data on Android
    Now you can click on "Erase Now" to begin erasing all data from your Android with a clcik.
    Android Data Eraser - Erase data


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